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I'm in over my head.
Feeling for a surface.
You pushed and laughed it all off.
I got to know you in the dark.

Everything fades and I'm lost again.
Looking for a hand, for a friend.

All I know is I've been waiting for you to say
You feel it too. You're feeling me when you're alone
and I'm not around. I know what it's like
'cause I want you too. I want you like candy.
There's something in you that keeps calling me out.
You called me out.

I love you with all I got.
You hate it when I can't talk.
I met you lifetimes ago.
Maybe in a different place.

I'll never know how I ended up like this.
By the wave of your hand, I appear.

The end of the day is here and I'm floating down
back to solid ground. It's too bad I can't be your muse.
Throw me up on your wall. Show all your friends I'm yours.
Tell them how proud you are. Tell them how much you love me.

Tell them how much you love me.
Tell me how much you love me.


from TOGETHER, released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


WAXED Orlando, Florida

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